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Victoria Cerise

Là où l'on grandit


Parent’s little notes…

Parent’s little notes…

Parent’s little notes…

Happy we’ve found this Nursery. Only here both of my little’s (3,5 and 1) could stay not far from each other, having warm and caring staff and far-away not overcrowded classes. They had poor previous nursery experience, were strongly attached to me and didn’t speak non of the languages of the staff. Now it’s the second month they are attending, but there are no signs of stress or miscommunicating. They like this place and I am leaving them with confidence.

I highly recommend the daycare ” Victoria Cerise”; My baby Primo Philipp started there at the age of 3 months; My husband and I know quite some daycare places around Brussels, and this one really stands out. It is perfectly equipped with new furniture which makes the place look very warm and clean, already when entering the house you feel like at home; The ladies Gina, Elodie and Julie love ” their” kids from the bottom of their heart and take good care of them; Gina primarily takes care of my son and she does an outstanding job; She has got 18 years experience in daycare and I can truly see her professionalism in interacting and knowing my baby; Also the director Julie is a very friendly person. She gave us a very warm welcome. We are very satisfield with ” Victoria Cerise” and promote it; 10 points out of 10. Locationwise the daycare is ideal if you work in or close to the Nato.

Where growing up is easy….

For your little one, growing up, means a new adventure every day. They have so much to discover and so many milestones to achieve, beginning with how to live with others.
Victoria Cerise is here to help accompany your child though each step in the most natural way possible.

Our facilities are located in calm and harmonious surroundings, where we welcome the children as if they were at home.

Starting from the age of three months, they are nurtured by a team of caring professionals so they can grow and develop in a wonderful environment.
Come and join us in discovering this unique nursery, where growing up is child’s play.

Peace of mind

To ensure maximum safety for your child, Victoria Cerise Nursery/ Kindergarten is licensed by several official bodies.