Haptonomy is the science of human interaction and emotional relationships. It allows you to get in touch (tactile) with your future child.

These group sessions for pregnant women encourage the emotional bond between mother and baby through touch in utero.

Discovery session offered – duration 60min

Package of 5 sessions – 200 EUR (40EUR per session)

Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is the ideal sport for pregnant women. It is the ideal sport during pregnancy. Yoga and pregnancy are a winning combination. For over twenty years, midwives have been emphasising the benefits of yoga for mothers-to-be.  These sessions will prepare you for childbirth while combining sport and relaxation.

Session length – 60 min

Package of 10 sessions – 250 EUR (25EUR per session)

Baby Shower

There is no one way to throw a baby shower! The aim is to celebrate the pregnancy and the imminent arrival of the baby. Above all, a baby shower should reflect the personality of the mother-to-be!

These baby showers are organised in many countries and are all very different! The most important thing is that your baby shower looks and feels like you, which is why Victoria Cerise organises your event at our premises.

From 440 EUR – information by phone or e-mail


Our interactive and fun workshops for pregnant women will give you all the information and tips you need for a serene pregnancy, pre and post-natal period. An experienced midwife will gently guide you through each of our workshops.

The proposed themes are:

Theme 1: I’m pregnant, what to do now?  Information for pregnant women, prevention of toxoplasmosis and CMV, managing nausea and fatigue.

Session length – 60min

Package of 5 sessions – 150EUR (30EUR per session)

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