Victoria Cerise Active Learning School

Victoria Cerise Kindergarten is an English-speaking & French-speaking kindergarten for children between the ages of 2,5 and 6.  The new school will continue the unique pedagogical approach already in place in our existing nursery and transition class.

Our missionHelp children LOVE, LIVE and LEARN, feeling comfortable with their bodies and emotions, and grow confident in a secure environment.


Why choose Victoria Cerise Kindergarten ? 

The ethos of our kindergarten is that from the age of two and a half years old, the children will learn following a positive approach, putting the head, the heart and the body in the center of all our teaching. We strongly believe that a child with a healthy body capable of putting it into movement, and a happy heart is a child ready to learn. We will encourage an enjoyment of learning in your child to enable him or her to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Our kindergarten will provide a full immersion in English and in French. Our mornings will be dedicated to the academic learning following the British curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage. The mornings will be delivered by English teachers.

Our afternoons will be dedicated to developing our bodies and emotions: physical activities, art and crafts, music, dance, brain-gym, yoga, relaxation, psychomotricity, drama.

Victorias Kindergarten is able to offer both a high quality learning program and a full immersion in English and in French, stimulating your childs head, heart and body, in a safe and caring environment. 

A school where children Live, Love & Learn  !

Victoria’s Kindergarten Curriculum

Early childhood is the most important stage of life in terms of a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and well-being. A high proportion of learning takes place from birth to age six. It is a time when a child particularly needs high quality care and learning experiences as it will prepare them for their future development

The aim of Victoria’s Kindergarten is to provide a high quality educational structure to support your child’s development. This will create a foundation for the child’s early development and a sound basis for lifelong learning.

Our whole approach is based on active learning, the basis of which is a belief that the child is free to be and that his or her development is a natural process that should not be forced. Your child, from a very young age, will be discovering and learning with the teacher acting as a guide to reach their maximum potential. This teacher will be sensitive to the needs of every child, non-judgmental, and caring. They will teach them that trying, experiencing and sometimes getting it wrong is part of the learning process. They will recognize the interests and experiences children bring from home, and use these to motivate the child. Your child is the starting point and the center of our teaching. Every child is different and unique and needs individual attention, which is why we look at all of his/her different aspects: physical, emotional, intellectual and social.

Active learning is one of the three characteristics of learning highlighted in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. The other two are playing and exploring & creating and thinking critically. Children will engage differently in these three characteristics:

  • Active learning: children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties, and enjoy achievements.
  • Playing and exploring: Children investigate and experience things, they “have a go”!
  • Creating and thinking critically: children have and develop their own ideas, make links between ideas and develop strategies for doing things.

Active learning means children will benefit from hands-on independent play in an environment that offers differential play and challenge with adults who know how to stimulate children’s senses, bodies and ways of thinking. We believe fun is essential in learning. All our teachers will follow our positive approach by encouraging, stimulating and challenging the children.

During the course of the day, children have very active periods (need to explore), periods of concentration (time for learning), and times of tiredness (need for quiet and rest). In response to this, we have developed a daily program to accommodate these varying needs: our mornings will be dedicated to the academic learning and the development of the seven goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage and afternoons will be dedicated to developing the body and the emotions.   

The foundation stage curriculum is organised into 7 areas of learning :

  • Communication and language
  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressing arts and design

These areas of learning provide a framework for the early years curriculum. Our qualified teachers will plan the learning environment with different activities and experiences following these goals.

Practical Information


At Victoria’s Kindergarten we follow a daily routine. Young children have little sense of time so it is essential to give them points of reference throughout the day. Every day is introduced by a little ritual: children gather together on the carpet. The children become familiar with the routine and the activities that accompany them.  This way, the children soon learn the routine of the day and the order of the daily activities.

Progress and Parent communication

Parents are welcome into school every morning between 8 and 9 am to drop off their children. It is also the occasion to have a quick chat with the teacher if you need it. Every Friday you child will bring home his “school life book”. Throughout the week teachers will fill in a book for your child with pictures and comments on their progress. Twice a year – in December and in June – you will receive a full report concerning your child’s progress in our school. These reports will be followed by a parent and teacher meeting to discuss your child’s progress.

Outdoor play

Children will go out to play daily three times a day in the garden (except when very cold and rainy weather).

Learning Outside the School

We believe that children can learn as much in the school as outside the school. Our playground can be transformed in an amazing learning area: gardening and planting in science, running and ball games in gymnastics, jumping in puddles, etc. During the year, we will take day trips to the various parks we are lucky to have around the school. We will take many opportunities to discover the local area.


It is essential to respect the biological rhythm of the child. Therefore if after lunchtime, your child demonstrates signs of tiredness, we will offer to put him/her to bed so he or she can rest. It is not mandatory to nap, but some children need it and most children need a quiet moment after lunch. Soft music can be played, stories can be read, a relaxation moment/yoga session guided by the teacher can be organized.

Meals and Snacks for “Healthy Eating”

At Victoria’s Kindergarten we want to encourage children to follow a “healthy diet”. A well balanced diet will help the development of a healthy growing body, mind and immune system. Children have a morning snack around 10 am and an afternoon snack around 2 pm, it should be a fruit (or dried fruit) and water. At lunch time children will receive a warm fresh soup (made by our staff daily) and a dairy product or a fruit. Children have to bring their own packed lunch. For the children attending garderie, they should be provided with a piece of fruit and a bottle of water or milk.


From time to time we will arrange for independent workshops to be held in the school in subject areas such as music, dance, theatre, art or any kind of physical therapy.

Extra-Curricular Activities

On Wednesdays and Saturdays we provide different after school activities : psychomotricity, english classes, ballet, cooking and music. We also offer stages during the school holidays.

School hours

  • School doors open at 8.00 am. Garderie closes at 6.00 pm.
  • A school day begins at 9 am and finishes at 3.30 (mornings end at 12 am).


Pupils are admitted at Victoria’s Kindergarten

  • in the term that they are 2,5 years old for entry in our pre-kindergarten class.
  • an application form should be completed and submitted, and the school invoices parents according to the Victoria schedule of fees. Payment of the invoice allows a place to be reserved for a specific entry date.

Punctuality and Absence

School days begin at 9 am and we believe it is important for your child to be present when the day begins. It sets him/her in a routine. Parents are asked to inform the school office by 9.15 am if a child is absent for any reason.


A Garderie service is available in school every day from 3.30 till 6.00 pm and on Wednesday’s from 12 till 6.00 pm. Parents are asked to inform the school office by 9.15 if their child is going to garderie.


We encourage your children to come to school wearing comfortable clothes that can get dirty.We ask all children to bring in a spare change of clothes and indoor shoes.



Annual closures & important days 

Re-opening: Monday 29th August 2022 

Parents’ meeting:  Monday 5th September 2022 

Evaluations: From 19th to 23rd June 2023 

Book Sharing Day: Every first Tuesday of the month 

Christmas Break:  From Monday 26th December 2022 to Friday 6th January 2023 

Summer break : From Monday 10th July to Friday25th August 2023 

Pedagogical conferences

  • Friday 14th October 2022 (closed) 
  • Friday 24th March 2023 (closed) 

School events 

Halloween: Friday 21st October 2022 

Christmas party: Friday 16th December 2022 

Carnival: Friday 17th February 2023 

Easter: Friday 7th April 2023 

School Party: Friday 9th June 2023 

Bank holidays: (closed) 

All Saints’ Day: Tuesday 1st November 2022 

Armistice Day: Friday 11th November 2022 

Easter Monday : Monday 10th April 2023 

Labour Day : Monday 1st May 2023 

Ascension: 18th and 19th May 2023 

White Monday: Monday 29th May 2023 

Annual closure 

Christmas break: 

From Monday 26th December 2022 to Friday 6th January 2023 

Summer break : 

From Monday 17th July to Friday 25th August 2023 

Annual Holiday Fun Clubs 

HalloweenFrom Monday 24th October to Friday 4th November 2022 

Carnaval: From Monday 20th to Friday 3rd March 2023 

Spring: From Tuesday 2nd to Friday 12th May 2022 

Summer: From Monday 10th to Friday 14th July 2022 

School Fees

2022-2023 (We are open for admission all year long)

Full time offer Part time offer Services offered by Victoria Cerise
Hours 9h à 15h30 (Wednesdays 9h to 12h30) Hours 9h à 12h30 Our services Monthly price
Service included Hot meals and snacks included Service included Hot meals and snacks included Morning daycare 25 EUR / mois
Service excluded Morning and afternoon daycare Service excluded Morning and afternoon daycare Afternoon daycare (lundi, mardi, jeudi et vendredi) 45 EUR / mois
Stages / holiday camps Stages / holiday camps Stages / Holiday camps (6 weeks) 180 EUR / semaine – Repas et snacks compris
Wednesday extracurricular Wednesday extracurricular Extracurricular and Wednesday afternoon daycare  (3 activities) – From 12h30 to 17h30 180 EUR / mois
Summer camp Summer camp
Registration fees 375 EUR Registration fees 375 EUR After school hours activities (Monday and Friday – from 15h30 to 16h30) 90 EUR/ mois
Deposit 500 EUR Deposit 500 EUR
Annual fees 13.500 EUR Annual fees 10.095 EUR
Monthly fees 1.350 EUR Monthly fees 1.095 EUR

School address for Woluwe :

General access : Compost de quartier Itterbeek – 78, Avenue Prekelinden 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Supplier access : 345, Avenue Georges Henri 345 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

School Address for Evere :

General access : 140, Avenue Jules Bordet 1140 Evere

Contact person :

Mrs Eleonore Crohin (French section)

Mrs Juliana Brandao (English section)

E-mail :

Phone number : 02/736 17 31  or 0488 / 970 162

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