• En route pour l’Afrique !

    Welcome to Africa! This week we travelled to Africa and we learned so much. We painted the continent and glued African animals. Did you know that the tiger doesn’t live with lions? We also made traditional bobo masks and we learned the legend behind it. We played games with Mawomé, the little boy that lived by the river… We also told the story...

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  • This week we did so many different activities

    This week we did so many different activities: we started off with a game that made us worked in pairs. We had to race while having one arm intertwined with another. We also finished off the recycling theme: we played a game with the blue bins and yellow bins. We had to sort out paper and plastic and we learnt that we have to be aware of what we recycle. W...

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  • Happy Father’s Day!

    This week we learnt about our daddies! What they enjoy doing, what is their favorite color and much more! We also learnt about Father’s Day, and it’s important to recognize what they do for us! We learnt about the letter ‘D’ and the sounds it implies. We had loads of fun making the father’s day present ! We also enjoyed two wo...

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  • This week we started off by discussing our school party

    This week we started off by discussing our school party towards the end of the month and what we would like to make to decorate our school. We have a lot of ideas and a lot to do!!! We started off the week making some snakes that will hang in a spiral from the ceiling. We used lots of different colours and patterns and some of use even created our own desi...

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  • The past week, in the Nursery, we’ve been working the Farm animals

    The past week, in the Nursery, we’ve been working the Farm animals, and children had the opportunity to learn more vocabulary in English such as name the animals and starting sentences as I like/ I dont’t like, they also could use their artistics talents into paiting, colouring and sticking onto their work to display in our classroom. They loved the past...

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Victoria Cerise

Nous vous proposons un service personnalisé et très professionnel qui s’attache au bien être de vos enfants jour après jour. Aider l’enfant à s’épanouir et à affirmer son autonomie, favoriser sa créativité, son langage et connaitre le plaisir du partage sont parmi nos objectifs essentiels.

Victoria Active Learning

La maternelle Active Learning de Victoria: Un programme d’apprentissage actif, basé sur les principes éducatifs britanniques où se mêlent rigueur et psychologie, ouverture, sens des valeurs et respect de l’enfant et de son développement. Une école ouverte à tous !

Victoria's Nannies

Notre savoir-faire au service de vos enfants ! Victoria’s Nannies vous propose les services de Nounou hautement qualifiées et formées par nos équipes de professionnels de la petite enfance. Un service « a la carte » adapté à vos besoins !